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Friday 4 March Grateful Posy

Colleen Liddell

To start the Grateful Posy, our very first has gone to someone very special this week, my Mum, to say thank you so much, and to show how very grateful I am for all of the support, understanding, patience, and advice that she has given me throughout the process of getting the business off the ground.

Even things like taking me out for a coffee to give me a break when she knew I needed one have been so helpful, and listening to me rabbit on about all of the ideas I've come up with without taking a breath... Mum has a quiet strength that I draw on to keep me going, and I never tell her enough just how much she means to me, so I'll share here, and show it with flowers, that she means the world to me, and I am so grateful that she is my Mum :-)

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